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II-VI Marlow designs and manufactures thermoelectric modules through system level assemblies in the aerospace & defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation, telecommunications and consumer market segments. Our team is proud to offer standard and/or custom solutions enabling our customers' end products! More Info

Inside the ChemCam instrument of Curiosity, Marlow thermoelectric coolers provide the optimal operating temperature for sensors that detect the chemical composition of rock and soil samples found on Mars. Whether on earth, in space, or on another planet, Marlow thermoelectric coolers are built to perform. More Info

Space is volatile, with extreme high and low temperatures occurring at any given time. By regulating these shifts, Marlow thermoelectric coolers give Hubble’s planetary camera a clearer picture of the myriad of stars, galaxies and astronomical bodies that man has yet to discover. More Info

Replicating DNA is an exact science. The strands of the double helix must be separated using a series of high and low temperature shifts called thermal cycling. Marlow not only builds the thermoelectric modules at the heart of this process, but also the full assembly. More Info

Most automobiles only reuse a quarter of the energy they give off, while the rest escapes as heat through the radiator and engine exhaust. By recapturing this lost heat for conversion into electrical power, Marlow thermoelectric modules offer automakers a reliable waste heat recovery solution. More Info

By converting ambient energy from wasted heat into usable electrical power, Marlow thermoelectrics help today’s buildings run more efficiently. Once harvested, this energy is used to power wireless sensors throughout the building where hard wiring and changing batteries are impractical. This keeps everything from lighting to air conditioning running without interruption. More Info

National defense and emergency response teams use Thermal Imaging Cameras to see objects not visible to the naked eye. For the infrared detectors within these cameras to work, Marlow thermoelectric coolers stabilize environmental temperatures, ensuring clearer image quality. More Info

Fiber optic technology makes high-bandwidth communication possible. For the countless wavelengths of data passing through each fiber optic cable to reach their destination, the temperature of each must be stabilized. Marlow thermoelectric modules keep these temperatures at a constant, ensuring wavelengths don’t get crossed. More Info

National Defense. Power Generation. Telecommunications. The medical and automotive industries. Marlow Industries has become the go-to supplier of thermoelectric modules and value-added systems to them all. Whatever one-of-a-kind need you have, we have a solution.More Info

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