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Served Markets

High reliability and optimal performance – our customers require both. That’s why II-VI Marlow offers solutions specially designed to fit individual business and technology requirements. Beyond that, we choose professionals with the right experience to serve your account. The result is a proven equation for success.


II-VI Marlow offers a number of automotive industry solutions. Applications include car seat heating, exhaust waste heat recovery & HVAC cooling and heating.


II-VI Marlow provides parts for the consumer market and personal comfort including home theater seating, gesture recognition, mosquito traps & wine chillers.


II-VI Marlow provides parts for commercial and industrial solutions. Our thermoelectric modules enable a variety of energy and cost-efficient solutions.

Aerospace & Defense

II-VI Marlow offers a team of engineers & scientists in aerospace & defense who develop solutions for robotics, space heaters, thermoelectric generators & more.


II-VI Marlow provides medical solutions through technology with thermal cycling, temperature stabilization, air temperature control & fluid temperature control.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Our thermoelectric power generation can enhance production in oil, gas & mining. Our applications include pipeline monitoring, & exhaust waste heat recovery.


II-VI Marlow's partnerships aid in integrated circuits, avalanche photodiode, & pump lasers which anticipates telecommunications technology market demand.