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HVAC Temperature Control

HVAC Control





Current heating systems in electric vehicles typically utilize electric resistive heaters that must draw power from the same battery system used to move the vehicle. This resistive heater extracts power from the vehicle battery to provide heat at a coefficient of performance (COP) of one. Use of the heater, therefore, proves inefficient and significantly reduces vehicle driving range.

II-VI Marlow provides technology that can significantly improve the efficiency of these electric heater systems. II-VI Marlow's thermoelectric technology enables heaters to produce heat at a COP greater than 1.5 and allow significant improvements in vehicle driving range in cold environments.

When used in reverse, this thermoelectric heating system technology can also provide compact cooling for comfort in hot environments. Utilizing compact thermoelectric solutions to drive heating and cooling systems allows for Zonal Thermoelectric Air Conditioner/Heater implementation. This technology is possible in a battery- or alternator-powered vehicle. The Zonal system uses thermoelectric devices as units to heat or cool only the space occupied, targeting the dashboard, headliner, seatbacks and other areas specific to a vehicle occupant. By eliminating a large compressor-based unit to supply heat/air-conditioning for the entire vehicle, the thermoelectric method specifically directs the heat and cooling flow, thereby increasing vehicle energy efficiency.