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Medical Solutions

Medical Solutions

II-VI Marlow provides optimum thermal management solutions for companies who develop and manufacture equipment for the Biomedical Industry.

Many fields throughout the medical industry utilize II-VI Marlow thermal solutions, including Life Science, Genetic Analysis, Immunoassy, Pharmaceutical Development, Clinical Diagnostics, Food Analysis, Agricultural Development, Environmental Analysis, Industrial Hygiene and Identification of Bio-Threats.

Applications include thermal cycling, temperature stabilization, precision air temperature control and precision fluid temperature control.

The II-VI Marlow design lab ensures product development of the highest quality by conducting key tests: steady state, transient electrical performance, thermal shock, mechanical shock, vibration/acceleration and vacuum leak, life, shear and burn-in/power cycle. While II-VI Marlow designs customer thermoelectric coolers, we also provide designs for your entire thermal engine, including cold plates, heat sinks, thermal interface material, sensors, thermoelectric modules and fans.

II-VI Marlow offers a highly trained sales, engineering and customer service team solely dedicated to supporting the medical market. Our extensive experience in developing and integrating reliable thermoelectric devices into medical equipment applications remains a valued advantage for our customers.

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