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Air to Air Heat Exchangers & Coolers

In Vitro Diagnostics





The quality of life for many individuals depends on early detection, diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of diseases. Precise temperature control of specimen samples and reagents enhance specimen quality, thereby allowing for accurate clinical tests. Thermoelectric heating and cooling systems prove the optimum solution to meet stringent clinic and laboratory requirements.

II-VI Marlow provides thermoelectric heaters/coolers for air-to-air or air-to-cold plate thermal exchanger systems to allow immunoassay reagent cooling, in vitro diagnostic specimen temperature control, genome sequencing reagent cooling and general cooling units for the storage and transportation of insulin, tissue and human organs. II-VI Marlow thermoelectric coolers are quiet (no moving parts), low-voltage D.C. and can be sealed to meet required sanitary specifications. The versatility of the II-VI Marlow thermoelectric cooler allows for precise temperature control of the cold plate or cold-side air stream, and the D.C. current polarity can provide both heating and cooling from the same module.

  • Immunoassay
    To measure the concentration of a substance in a complex mixture, scientists conduct a biochemical test called an immunoassay. Machines in hospitals and clinics typically perform hundreds of immunoassay tests in one hour. Hundreds of reagents are used to provide analytical results for a number of diseases, including those related to anemia, bone metabolism, prostrate health, reproductive health, diabetes and many more infectious diseases. Analysis results often rely on reagent temperature accuracy. II-VI Marlow manufactures thermoelectric air-to-air chillers designed to maintain the immunoassay reagents at a consistent temperature of approximately 4°C.

  • In Vitro Diagnostics
    Specimen receptacles, a form of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, are utilized to contain and preserve specimens derived from the human body for the purpose of in vitro diagnostic examination. These tests serve a variety of purpose,s including blood supply protection, drug-level monitoring, and disease diagnosis and treatment. II-VI Marlow manufactures thermoelectric air-to-air chillers designed to maintain the specimen receptacles and reagents at a very specific temperature to ensure the reliability of the test being performed.

  • General Temperature Control and Cooling Systems
    Proper preservation of vital samples including reagents, insulin, specimen samples, tissue and human body organs requires specific temperature control options. II-VI Marlow provides thermoelectric coolers to meet specific application temperature requirements. These thermoelectric coolers are compact, portable and allow the user to program temperature ramps and set points, thereby proving thermoelectric technology the natural cooling method for such medical applications.
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