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Air to Liquid Thermoelectric Heaters & Coolers

Physical Therapy





Thermoelectric heating and cooling systems often emerge as the optimum solution to meet the low-voltage and sanitation requirements for physical therapy and hospital operating room environments.

II-VI Marlow's thermoelectric heaters/coolers, integrated in an air-to-liquid thermal exchanger system, provide temperature conditioned fluids for several applications including, controlling blood/plasma temperature, laser cooling systems, physical rehabilitation pads, patient whole body cooling/ heating blankets and burn trauma treatment systems.

II-VI Marlow TECs are integrated into systems that sandwich the TEC with a heat sink on one side and a liquid-filled exchanger on the other. The TEC versatility allows for precise temperature control of the fluid. A customer control scheme can be programmed to provide infinite fluid temperature control across the system’s entire heating and cooling range.

  • Physical Therapy
    Physical therapy environments and routines often require strict temperature control. Thermoelectric technology allows for maximum temperature accuracy, control and overall customer convenience, eliminating melting ice cubes, chemical sprays or the negative side effects of moving parts. II-VI Marlow provides thermoelectric coolers (TEC) for various physical therapy applications. The solid state thermoelectric cooler enables portability, efficiency and quiet operation, thereby creating a more comfortable clinical environment and improving treatment results. The thermoelectric cooler also allows heat and cooling control from the same source, preprogrammed set points and ramp rates. The reliability of II-VI Marlow thermoelectric coolers meets the needs of numerous physical therapy applications, including localized thermal therapy, contrast therapy, soft tissue therapy, lymphedema and pain management.

  • Liquid Chiller Systems for Laser Cooling
    Thermoelectric operated chillers are compact, quiet, CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)-free circulating systems that stabilize the operating temperature of equipment, such as digital X-ray plates, or remove excess heat from lasers and similar medical devices. II-VI Marlow provides thermoelectric modules that cool recirculating chillers, enabling these systems to match applications that require tight fluid temperature stability and control (±0.15°C ) with a smaller heat load such as medical equipment, analytical instruments, power supplies, electro-optics, electronic components and electrophoresis gels.
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