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Liquid to Liquid Thermoelectric Heaters & Coolers

Plasma Blood Temperature Control





Liquid-to-liquid thermal control systems require portability and precise temperature control. II-VI Marlow provides thermoelectric modules that ensure specific temperature control of a water medium within the thermal system. II-VI Marlow’s thermoelectric heaters/coolers, integrated into a liquid-to-liquid thermal exchanger system, provide the ability to control the temperature of sanitary fluids such as blood and plasma.

Blood/Plasma Temperature Control
Integration of a II-VI Marlow thermoelectric system into a liquid-to-liquid thermal exchanger provides the ability to control blood temperature while it is outside the body during certain surgical operations. Regulated by a temperature sensor located in the bloodstream, the thermoelectric system provides precise control of the blood temperature as it circulates through the liquid-to-liquid exchanger. The compact design of a thermoelectric cooler allows for convenient portability and integration into sanitary medical applications. II-VI Marlow develops and manufactures thermoelectric coolers that ensure safe and reliable temperature control for crucial medical applications.

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