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Thermal Cycling

Thermal Cycling





In the field of life science research, accuracy is crucial. II-VI Marlow’s extended life thermoelectric cooler (XLT) product line provides reliable cooling for PCR applications that require fast thermal ramp rates, real-time detection controls and the ability to simultaneously perform multiple cycling protocols to detect multiple targets in a single test cycle.

A II-VI Marlow XLT cooler offers reliable service for over 500,000 thermal cycles from 10 to 100°C, maintaining superb module uniformity (+/- 0.5 °C) and achieving typical ramp rates of 8°C/sec. II-VI Marlow’s proprietary manufacturing procedure for controlling stresses ensures the XLT high reliability and performance capabilities.

II-VI Marlow engineers can also custom-design an XLT device to optimize performance for your specific application and control scheme.

Extreme thermal cycling (XLT) application examples include:

  • PCR Thermal Cycler for DNA Amplification
    The PCR technique, used primarily in molecular biology, amplifies segments of DNA by systematically raising and lowering the temperature of a block that holds the PCR reaction mixtures. These thermal cycling steps physically separate the strands of DNA double helix, and then duplicate them through polymerase synthesis. PCR technology, facilitated by thermoelectric cooling, allows researchers to amplify a single or few copies of a piece of DNA across several orders of magnitude, generating millions or more copies of the DNA strand.

    II-VI Marlow’s XLT series operate at the heart of PCR thermal cycler modules, unparalleled in their ability to fulfill PCR requirements including thermal uniformity, repeatability, accuracy and speed.

  • Genetic Sequencing
    DNA sequences encode the necessary information for living organisms to survive and reproduce. Determining DNA sequences, therefore, proves crucial to all areas of biological research. Scientists can use DNA sequences to identify, diagnose and potentially develop treatments for genetic diseases or research pathogens that may lead to treatments for contagious diseases.
  • II-VI Marlow’s XLT series of thermoelectric coolers provide the precise temperature control, cycling speed, thermal uniformity and long-term reliability required in today’s complex genetic sequencing machines.
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