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Thermoelectric Fans for Cooking and Camping Stoves

Camping Stoves





Cooking and camping stoves commonly burn propane or organic fuel. These fuel sources can cause complications in both convenience and health. Propane  is a costly solution that requires frequent fueling, and camping with propane stoves requires the transportation of heavyweight fuel storage units. The inefficient manner in which organic materials burn causes the emission of unhealthy carbon and soot, thereby damaging the lungs of those consistently exposed. This situation proves especially harmful in Third World countries where organic fuel sources burn in enclosed homes, often decreasing life expectancy due to lung disease.

A II-VI Marlow thermoelectric solution harnesses the heat created by a burner or fire to drive a fan that supplies more oxygen to the fuel-air mixture. This system increases burn efficiency, which burns fuel to completion and eliminates the emission of harmful by-products. Efficient burning also dramatically increases the burn rate of a stove or burner. A campfire might take 30 minutes to boil water, but a thermoelectric burner achieves the same boil point in a fraction of the time. Subsystem designs from II-VI Marlow provide a small, self-contained, self-powered unit that requires no maintenance. The inherent ruggedness of a II-VI Marlow TEG-based solution ensures reliability for the life of the stove.

The II-VI Marlow military cooking equipment application shares a similar function and technology, but with key differences. Fuels available on the battlefield such as diesel or JP-8 typically power military cooking equipment. These large cooking appliances also require one to carry an external power source to run blowers, control electronics and fuel pumps. Currently, the military’s smallest battlefield fuel-compatible power source produces 2kW of power; a gross overkill for the 40-60W typically needed to power appliances such as a large tray heater. Thermoelectric generators equip military cooking equipment with a self-powered capability, thereby eliminating the need for an oversized secondary generator, and eliminating the expensive maintenance associated with running these generators far from their designed load.

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