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Gesture Recognition Technology

Gesture Recognition





Most home appliances such as the television, stereo and telephone require remote or application control. While functional, this method still limits user control possibilities.

II-VI Marlow now provides thermoelectric modules to stabilize lasers used in gesture recognition technology. This technology utilizes an infrared laser to create an image map of the human body, thereby replacing the remote control with human gestures to perform identical functions. The technology enables a machine to recognize its user, interact with gestures, and even decipher changes in facial expressions to sense mood fluctuation The concept applies to everyday applications, including video games, televisions and personal computers.

Selected for unparalleled product quality and high-volume production capability, the II-VI Marlow thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is embedded in the sensor device to remove waste heat created during the lasing process. Thermoelectric solutions, when applied to the infrared laser, prevent wavelength shift, extend lifetime and increase the accuracy of detection. The II-VI Marlow thermoelectric cooler plays a critical role in expanding your control options and gesture recognition capability.