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Military Grade Tent Heaters

Miitary Tent Heaters





For soldiers deployed in isolated areas, maintaining a consistent heat source to a military tent proves challenging. A battery- or generator-powered heat device demands frequent upkeep, a steady supply of replacement power sources, and, often, an electrical outlet.

II-VI Marlows' energy harvesting solution can capture heat from a battlefield fuel burner to power a fan to circulate heat through the tent. This system eliminates the need for batteries, large generators, and any other requirements of a dependent energy source. The II-VI Marlow thermoelectric generator is self-powered and self-sufficient, requiring no maintenance for its lifetime. All thermoelectric generator solutions and sub-assemblies are scalable, thereby enabling the circulation of heat across large areas. II-VI Marlow energy harvesting solutions allow soldiers in isolated, cold climates access to a reliable source of heat while providing energy savings over the current system.

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