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Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Sources (TTRS)

Thermoelectric Thermal Reference Source





II-VI Marlow offers optimized and high reliability solutions specially designed to meet customer's technology requirements.

A TTRS is a thermoelectric cooler assembly providing a temperature-controlled, radiometrically uniform, high-emissivity surface used to calibrate infrared detector arrays. TTRS assemblies are either hermetically sealed or open devices consisting of a thermoelectric cooler, a high-emissivity, thermally uniform emitting surface and a temperature-sensing device. Typically, the TEC mounts to a TO-3 or TO-8 header or a custom-designed mounting bracket.

TTRS’s provide correction for responsiveness and gain differences via a two-temperature (color) correction. In scanning systems, this is performed using two TTRS devices that are included in the optical field of view. In starring systems, a single TTRS is inserted into the optical field of view, and the temperature is rapidly changed to perform a multi-color correction.

II-VI Marlow supplies a wide variety of both custom and catalog TTRS assemblies. These TTRS’s are currently used in both starring and scanning systems and include hermetically sealed and unsealed units.

II-VI Marlow has experienced engineers and other resources to address the design and development issues inherent to TTRS systems. TTRS’s can be provided with custom-mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and flex circuit assemblies to meet the ANSI/J-STD-001 specification. II-VI Marlow also provides in-house testing, including infrared camera uniformity testing, for all TTRS products.