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Industrial and Commercial Building Automation

Building Automation





Commercial building automation is a rapidly growing field of interest for energy conservation advocates and the green technology community.

Commercial buildings require electrical power for all internal systems: elevators, lighting, workstations, air conditioning/heating and more. Currently, systems are not conditioned for user demand – they operate either continuously (escalators systems) or by manual operation (switch: on or off).

Systems employing sensors, however, can be conditioned to operate on user demand. This technology, for example, enables a sensor to recognize an individual’s entry into a room and turn the lights on, or initiate an escalator as they approach. After use, systems return to a dormant state until the next instance of demand.

However, the ongoing replacement cost of batteries for wireless sensors and the complex challenges presented by hard-wiring solutions have limited the widespread adoption of this technology.

II-VI Marlow is developing thermal energy harvesting products to power wireless sensors, thereby eliminating the need for wiring or batteries. Energy harvesters convert small differences in ambient temperature into electrical (DC) power. This reliable energy source can perpetually power wireless sensors for the lifetime of the harvester, offering a low-cost and low-maintenance solution to justify the implementation of wireless sensors as a viable energy and cost-savings measure.

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