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Commercial Catering Equipment Technology

The many advantages of Thermoelectric Systems (reliable, light weight, configurable, and high Coefficient of Performance for a given size) make them ideal for use in certain Food Catering applications.  Given these advantages, Thermoelectric Systems are implemented in the Food Catering industry in a wide range of sizes and applications, from larger food transport carts to Point of Purchase displays.

The unique heating and cooling  capability of Thermoelectric Systems makes them particularly suited for temperature control of foods.  Specific applications include the following:

     – Service and transport carts
     – Serving trays
     – Temperature controlled preparation surfaces
     – Cold plates
     – Holding drawers


In addition to providing food temperature control, Thermoelectric Systems also provide cooling of liquids.  Examples include the temperature control of beverage syrups, juice concentrates, dairy products, even residential water chillers and dispensers! Thermoelectric Systems may also be used to provide conditioned and temperature controlled air sources, which in turn may be used for the temperature control of food and beverages.

Whether cooling/heating food or beverages, the relatively small and lightweight Thermoelectric System may be powered by a universal power supply, a battery and/or solar power.

II-VI Marlow’s Thermoelectric Systems can be configured to be comply with NSF and FDA requirements, as well as UL and CE certified.