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Oil, Gas & Mining

Oil, Gas & Mining

As economic demand shifts, profitability depends on operational efficiency at each individual refinery and plant. Many wellheads and pipelines are located “off grid,” having no access to electrical power. Power needed to run sensors that monitor flow rates, pressure and temperatures is simply not available. Often, remote plants and refineries require large generators to provide power, and emit wasted energy that is not recycled back into the grid.

Solar power is the preferred power-generating technology in some warm, sunlit environments where only small temperature differences exist. Yet at night or in colder environments, when the intensity and duration of solar energy is limited, thermoelectric power generation is often preferred.

Innovative uses of thermoelectric technology can enhance production efficiency by converting thermal energy to power-critical sensors, or capturing waste heat to replenish overall power supply.

Thermoelectric energy harvesting enables a wide range of wireless sensor applications to monitor system condition health, reducing the ongoing costs of maintenance to battery-powered wireless sensors. Thermoelectric exhaust waste heat recovery converts waste heat to supply power to the plant or refinery, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing energy cost.

Our products also offer solid-state reliability with no moving parts, high resistance to shock and/or vibration, and convenient packaging – scalable in size and weight.

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