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Down-Hole Drilling Power Generators

Down Drilling

Successful down-hole drilling often entails precise directional drilling along a prescribed path, requiring constant system monitoring. Sensors placed inside the drill relay information to those managing the drilling process. Based on preprogrammed logic, these sensors detect change in well direction, measure vibrations, indicate directional orientation of the bit and provide other critical data. Temperature and impact monitoring at the bit also preserves the drill-bit bearings.

As wells are drilled deeper and deeper, temperatures at these extreme depths exceed the operating temperatures of many electronic sensors and components.  II-VI Marlow’s TG line of thermoelectric generators, fabricated with high temperature solders and superior diffusion barrier technologies needed for long term operation at high temperatures, are ideal thermoelectric devices to use as coolers to provide an effective means of cooling critical, sensitive electronics down-hole. A thermoelectric generator can be used as a thermoelectric cooler (by supplying power to it) and vice versa and can also generate power by creating a temperature differential.  It is simply a matter of having the thermoelectric device tailored for the temperature extremes of the application.  Thus, II-VI Marlow’s TG line of thermoelectric generators is an excellent choice for high temperature thermoelectric cooling applications. 

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