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Oil, Gas, Mining Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring

Detection of leaks, flow condition monitoring, and in-line equipment monitoring are critical to many oil and gas digital field initiatives. Designed to optimize field operations and maximize pipeline transmission, security, and safety, this becomes even more critical for aging subsea oil infrastructures and new subsea pipelines. Specifically the pipelines being deployed in deeper waters where the thermal effects of pipeline expansion, buckling, and hydrate formation are exaggerated because of the larger temperature extremes.

II-VI Marlow EverGenTM PowerStrap thermoelectric power generator technology harnesses thermal energy from the pipeline and converts it to useful electrical power. The harnessed energy creates a local, self-contained power source for wireless sensors and flow meters on terrestrial pipelines and piping systems. These self-powered sensors and meters detect critical information, including flow rate, pressure, temperature, pump health, and other systems, allowing the customer to receive system information from any geographical location. The II-VI Marlow EvergenTM Powerstrap self-adjusts to its environment, creating a long-lasting, low-power, low-maintenance solution to power the remote-sensing application. II-VI Marlow has also demonstrated subsea thermoelectric power source capabilities that can withstand the extreme pressure of deep-water pipelines, providing a lasting power source for subsea pipelines and monitoring equipment.