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Oil, Gas, Mining Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Remaining consistently aware of pipeline processing, equipment functions and drilling progress in a remote oil field presents challenges in manpower, efficiency and cost. Most oil companies have digital oilfield initiatives that collect real-time data throughout the field reducing manpower and data collection expenses.  This improves optimization within an oilfield which may contain hundreds of wells. A wireless battery solution offers a sensor capable of providing information feedback, but demands recurrent battery replacement and maintenance due to its inability to self-adjust to the surrounding temperature. In a remote oil field, sensors are difficult to access, thereby driving the need for a self-powered, low-maintenance solution.

II-VI Marlow thermoelectric power generators harness ambient thermal energy that can produce power for wireless sensors. These sensors detect critical information, including flow rate, pressure, temperature, the health of pumps and other systems, allowing the customer to receive system information from any geographical location. The II-VI Marlow solution self-adjusts to its environment, thereby creating a long-lasting, low-power and low-maintenance solution to power the remote-sensing application.

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