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Power Generators

Power Generators

About Power Generators

II-VI Marlow Power Generation technology utilizes existing temperature differences to provide reliable, renewable energy for a variety of applications ranging from low-power wireless sensors to large-scale electricity generation; all scalable solutions capable of generating microwatts…to kilowatts of power.

II-VI Marlow Power Generation technology offers:


Superior Performance

State-of-the-art II-VI Marlow thermoelectric (TE) material, modules and system design yield unmatched performance and efficiency.



  • From small battery replacement system
  • To complete large-scale waste heat recovery systems
  • To single generator modules for existing designs
  • Integrated storage solutions possible to provide power when ΔT is not present


Cost Effectiveness

  • II-VI Marlow power generation systems modules, in volume, rival batteries and solar cells in cost effectiveness
  • Provides near-term payback -- battery replacement cost, labor, and disposal costs can be eliminated


Proven Reliability

  • Inherent ruggedness of II-VI Marlow power generation modules—bred from military & aerospace design construction
  • Module life can outlast the application
  • Provides invaluable durability for applications in remote and often extreme environments


Superior Quality

A Malcolm Baldrige Award-winning company, II-VI Marlow sets the industry standard for quality at each step of the design and manufacturing processes.



Looking for more information about working with thermoelectric materials? Download our Guide to Working with Thermoelectric Materials today!
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