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EverGen® Energy Harvesters

EverGen® Energy Harvesters


II-VI Marlow provides thermal energy harvesting products to power wireless sensors and other microdevices, thereby eliminating the need for battery-powered solutions. II-VI Marlow's family of thermal energy harvesters converts small degrees of temperature difference into electrical (DC) power. This reliable energy source can perpetually power wireless sensors and microdevices for the lifetime of the harvester, offering a low-cost and zero-maintenance solution for wireless sensor technology.

For more information download our free whitepaper Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors.

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Product Heat Source Heat Sink Start-up ΔT(Celsius) Typical ΔT(Celsius) P at Typical ΔT(mW) Max ΔT(Celsius) P at Max ΔT(mW) Product
Dimensions (mm)

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