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Low cost, small package thermal energy harvester.
Alternative for replaceable primary cell batteries.
Compatible with vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Compatible with commercially available power management electronics.
Non-invasive installation.
Anodized for corrosion protection.
Maximum hot side temperature of 85°C.
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Applications include PCR processing and semiconductor test equipment.

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Heat Source Flat Surface
Heat Sink Natural Convection
Start-up ΔT (Celsius) N/A
Typical ΔT (Celsius) N/A
P at Typical ΔT (mW) see chart
Max ΔT (Celsius) N/A
P at Max ΔT (mW) N/A
Product Dimensions (mm) 26.4 x 22 x 20
Weight (grams) 0.0205
Mini-Harvester Thermal Energy Generator Solid to Air