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EverGen® Plate Exchanger

EverGen® Plate Exchanger

Evergen Power Strap Image

This recent II-VI Marlow innovation allows larger scale thermal power generation capability via pressurized hot and cold liquid streams and high performance thermoelectrics, enabling remote or off-grid power from available or waste heat.  

EverGen® Plate Exchanger advantages:

  • Ultra-compact, cost effective energy harvesting system
  • Uses traditional plate and frame heat exchanger technology with II-VI Marlow innovative incorporation of our existing high performance thermoelectric generator (TEG) modules
  • Significant performance, weight, and footprint advantages over shell-and-tube exchangers
  • Enables very dense power generation from available or waste heat
  • Easily scaled up to kilowatt level power generation 

Suitable installations:

  • Remote gas turbine waste heat
  • Arctic / Northern oil field remote power
  • Steam plant co-generation
  • Industrial process off-grid waste heat recovery