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PowerStrap™ Generator

PowerStrap™ Generator

All new PowerStrap™ Generator technology for the Industrial, Oil & Gas Industries

Evergen Energy Harvesting Adapter Image Patented

The patented PowerStrap™ Generator from II-VI Marlow utilizes our rugged thermoelectric generator (TEG) coupled with our robust electronics technology to harvest heat/ thermal energy from fluid filled pipes or exhaust stacks to provide a viable, economical , and perpetual power source for Industrial and Oil/Gas applications.

Electrical power in remote locations (in place of, or complementary to solar) is now possible for:

•    Sensors, Controls, and Wireless Transmitters for:
         - Process Monitoring
         - Pipeline Maintenance
         - Machine / Bearing / Rotating Equipment Health
•    Actuators / Valve Solenoids
•    Low Power Electronics & SCADA systems
•    Small DC Motors
•    Low wattage Safety or Backup power

Power output can be scaled up to 10’s of watts, depending on size, temperature differences and quantity of straps deployed.  The EverGen® Power Strap is customizable for several diameters (from 3/4" to 36"+) and form factors to fit any application.  

Integrated storage solutions are also possible to provide power when ΔT is not present.

Inquire on Terrestrial as well as Subsea capability, both developed exclusively by II-VI Marlow.

For more information download our free EverGen Power Strap whitepaper.

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Details the test setup and test results for a 10” diameter PowerStrap™ Generator operating on an exhaust stack.

TI’s Generic Energy Harvesting Adapter Module for TEG reference design details the power circuitry required to convert the PowerStrap™ Generator output to a usable, regulated voltage and current.

Please contact II-VI Marlow with your design specifications.

Power Strap Performance Curve 1

Power Strap Performance with Wind