Marlow Industries’ Power Generation technology utilizes existing temperature differences to provide reliable, renewable energy for a variety of applications ranging from low-power wireless sensors to large-scale electricity generation; all scalable solutions capable of generating microwatts…to kilowatts of power. 

EverGen™ Energy Harvesters

Powering wireless sensors & transmission, also actuators with thermal energy eliminating the need for batteries.

Standard Generators

Converting otherwise wasted thermal energy into usable power.

EverGen™ PowerStrap

Harvest heat from fluid filled pipes or exhaust stacks to power sensors & low wattage electronics.

Compact Thermopile Series

Performance generators deliver maximum power under highly specialized requirements where step-up circuit electronics are not permitted.

EverGen™ Plate Exchanger

Compact off-grid power generation from available liquid waste heat.

Marlow Industries’ Power Generation technology offers:

  • Superior Performance: State-of-the art Marlow thermoelectric (TE) material, modules and system design yield unmatched performance and efficiency
  • Scalability:
    • From small battery replacement system
    • To complete large-scale waste heat recovery systems
    • To single generator modules for existing designs
    • Integrated storage solutions possible to provide power when ΔT is not present
  • Cost Effectiveness:
    • Marlow power generation systems modules, in volume rival batteries and solar cells in cost effectiveness
    • Provides near term payback -- battery replacement cost, labor, and disposal costs can be eliminated
  • Proven Reliability:
    • Inherent ruggedness of Marlow power generation modules—bred from military & aerospace design construction
    • Module life can outlast the application
    • Provides invaluable durability for applications in remote and often extreme environments
  • Superior Quality: A Malcolm Baldrige Award-winning company, Marlow Industries sets the industry standard for quality at each step of the design and manufacturing processes
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