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In addition to around-the-clock customer service and engineering support in over 150 languages, II-VI Marlow maintains an archive of key resources for customers to reference for support.

Knowledgebase offers a comprehensive guide to thermoelectric technology, including how to apply thermoelectric coolers, understand performance specifications and more.

Marlow remains actively engaged in the R&D and publishing spheres, hosting more than 200 articles, conference papers and books authored or co-authored by II-VI Marlow staff in its online Technical Library.

Customers may also reference our recent articles, downloads or partner portal sections for additional support needs.



Looking for more information about working with thermoelectric materials? Download our Guide to Working with Thermoelectric Materials today!
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Technical Library

Select from a large number of credible resources in Marlow's technical library focusing on thermoelectric generator modules and TE cooling & heating.

Quality Systems

II-VI Marlow industries seeks to exceed customer expectations with our quality managment systems. We believe in customer focus & continual improvement.


Turn to II-VI Marlow's knowledgebase to learn how thermoelectric coolers work, what Peltier cooling & heating modules are, & the history of TECs.


Have questions? Check out our FAQ page to get answers to popular questions. Learn more about Marlow's inner workings, distribution, TECs and TEGs.


II-VI Marlow's official energy harvesting blog. Find the latest breakthroughs in thermoelectric technology and application across all markets.


Access II-VI Marlow's glossary for a comprehensive list of thermoelectric terms and abbreviations that may be unfamiliar. Terms include ALO, TE, TAB & SPC.