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What is Energy Harvesting?

What is Energy Harvesting?

Energy harvesting is the process of converting ambient energy from the environment into useable electric energy to power small electronic devices. Energy harvesting technology from Marlow captures available thermal energy and converts it to usable electricity to perpetually power sensors or other low power micro devices.

Application System Basics:

Energy Harvesting

Energy Harvesters from Marlow Industries

  • Utilize our bulk material thermoelectric power generators built using Marlow proprietary processes to deliver maximum power and efficiency
  • Draw upon our vast experience in thermoelectric modeling to provide:
    • Optimal thermal matching with small natural convection heat sinks, and
    • Optimal electrical matching to the latest state-of-the-art, low-voltage step-up and power management circuits
  • Geared to incorporate energy storage technology such as a rechargeable a Li-Ion battery, long-life thin film batteries or super-capacitors, allowing for wireless employment without ever changing batteries.

The result is low-cost, optimized, robust power solutions from Marlow Industries that provide maximum power at small temperature differences.  Available differences of less than 5°C are enough to provide usable power for customer applications.

Wireless Sensor Applications

Employ wireless sensors in locations where hard wiring and changing batteries is impractical. This essentially free energy source creates a maintenance-free solution and can last the lifetime of the application. Inherently reliable,  thermal energy harvesting solutions act as the foundation for a stand-alone wireless sensor network.

Download our FREE White Paper for more information on energy harvesting for wireless sensors.

General Applications 

  • Building automation: HVAC, gas, lighting, electricity, air quality/detectors
  • Aviation: Commercial, military
  • Military: Monitoring and intelligence gathering, battlefield and wearable soldier trackers
  • Industrial Plants and Refineries: Monitor, process, test and measurement equipment and pipelines
  • Security: Home, commercial, perimeters, border
  • Consumer Electronics: Cell phones, wearable devices, GPS trackers, etc.
  • Infrastructure: Bridges, buildings, dams, levees, pipelines, water/sewer
  • Railway and train car monitoring

Advantages of Thermoelectrics

  • Easy installation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Small, compact, rugged design
  • Environmentally conscious solution
  • Energy saving
  • Low initial cost