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Medical Applications

Medical Applications

Marlow is the established leader in the medical market and can provide the optimal thermoelectric solution for your medical application. Whether you need accurate temperature control for analytical instrumentation or rapid thermal cycling for DNA replication, we will match a highly reliable thermoelectric solution to your system’s requirements. Marlow Industries will develop an integrated thermoelectric engine assembly to meet your specific medical applications. We use the best materials, design criteria and construction techniques to ensure medical-grade quality and reliability.

  • DNA / PCR Thermal Cycling (Real Time)
  • Blood Analysis
  • Immuno Essay
  • Diagnostic Medical Equipment
  • Blood Vessel, Heart & Eye Surgery
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Life Science
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Tissue Preparation & Storage
  • Photonics Imagery
  • Molecular Analysis
  • Scientific Research
  • Physical Therapy