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1. TEC Performance Parameters

Now that the TEC has been selected, the next step is to determine its performance.

a. Refer again to the Table of Standard Thermoelectric Coolers and record the maximum values for the TEC whose performance is being evaluated. Note that if a hot-side temperature other than 27°C is used, the performance parameters must be adjusted to obtain more accurate results. Please call one of our applications engineers for assistance.

Example  Your Case
TEC Minimum Values
DTmax 65° C °C
Qmax 30 W W
Imax 5.6 A A
Vmax 8.2 V V

b. Determine the ratio of DT/DTmax:
DT(from step 2) 35° C °C
DTmax (from Step 1a) 65° C °C
DT/Tmax (calculate) 35/65= .54 °C

c. On the performance graph (See Figure 3) draw a horizontal line on the upper graph corresponding to the DT/DTmax (0.54 in this example).

d. Divide the total heat load (from Step 1 of the TEC Selection Procedure) by the value of Qmax for the TEC selected (from Step 1a):

Q/Qmax = 9.0 W / 30 W = 0.3
= W ¸ W = ____

e. At the intersection of the horizontal line (drawn in Step 1c) and the value of Q/Qmax (just calculated in Step 1d), plot a vertical line on the performance graph.

  • Record the value of I/Imax at the intersection of the vertical line just plotted and the bottom I/Imax axis.

I/Imax = 0.6 I/Imax = _______