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2. Mounting with Adhesive Bonding

When to Use: When you want to permanently attach the TEC to your heat sink; when mounting with solder is not an option; when the TECs need to be lapped to the same height after mounting; when moderate thermal conductivity is required.

Step One: Because of the short amount of time needed for epoxy to set up, be certain to have your TECs cleaned and ready to mount before mixing epoxy. Clean and prepare mounting surfaces on both the TEC and heat sink using methanol, acetone or general-use solvent.

NOTE: It is recommended that acetone and cotton swabs be available so any excess or spilled epoxy (uncured) may be quickly removed.

Step Two: Use Marlow Industries’ Thermally Conductive Epoxy. Follow the instructions on the package carefully. Be certain to mix the two pouches thoroughly, or the epoxy will not cure properly.

A. Remove the epoxy pack from the protective pouch.
B. Remove the divider.
C. Knead well until thoroughly mixed.
D. Cut a corner and dispense. The epoxy working time is approximately one hour.

CAUTION: Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor, and use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. In case of contact with eyes or skin, flush immediately with plenty of water and get medical attention.

Step Three: Coat the ceramic of the TEC with approximately a 0.05mm thick layer of epoxy.

Step Four: Place the TEC on the heat sink and gently rotate the TEC back and forth, squeezing out the excess epoxy.

Step Five: Using a clamp or weight, apply pressure (less than 689,465 N/m2), and cure for two hours at 65°C to maximize thermal and physical properties. Curing time at room temperature is 24 hours.