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3. Mounting with the Compression Method

When to Use: When a permanent bond is not desired; when multiple TECs are used; or when your TEC is larger than 19mm.

Step One: Prepare heat sink and cold sink surfaces by machining the module area to within +/-0.03mm.

Step Two: Locate bolt holes in your assembly such that they are at opposite sides of the cooler between 3.2mm to 12.7mm from the sides of the thermoelectric. The bolt holes should be in the same plane line as the heat sink fins to minimize any bowing that might occur.

Step Three: The recommended hardware that should be used is: #4-40 or #6-32 stainless steel screws, Belleville or split lock type washers as well as a fiber-insulated washer to insulate the screw head from the heat sink. 

Step Four: Remove all burrs. Then, clean and prepare mounting surface with methanol, acetone or general-use solvents.

Step Five: Apply a thin 0.05mm layer of Marlow's Thermal grease to the hot side of the TEC. Place the TEC on the heat sink and rotate back and forth, squeezing out the excess thermal grease until resistance is felt.

Step Six: Repeat Step 5 and rotate cold plate back and forth, squeezing out the excess thermal grease.

Step Seven: In a two-module system, torque the middle screw first. Be careful to apply torque in small increments, alternating between screws. In general, apply less than 1,034,198 N/m2 (N/m2 = Pascal) per square meter of TEC area.