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B. System Design

When Marlow designs a system, we optimize its performance based upon the requirements most important to the customer. Our design engineers help prioritize system attributes and work with the customer to understand the application in detail and the range of possible operating conditions. This approach fosters long-term customer satisfaction. We analyze a multitude of system attributes:

  • Performance – Efficiency, temperature required, heat load
  • Cost – As a primary or secondary constraint
  • Power Budget – AC source, DC source, battery-operated, power factor correction required
  • Noise – Fan selection and control, noise abatement tools, system configuration
  • Weight – Portable, stationary, space application
  • Physical Envelope – Space constraints, packing density, modular design for multiple locations
  • Environment – Temperature range, humidity range, outdoor/indoor, earthquake rating, submergible, vacuum, dust
  • Reliability  – Thermoelectric, fan, power supply
  • Lead Time – Design time, standard versus custom thermoelectrics, modular approach, tooling, agency listings, air/ocean freight
  • Regulatory – UL, CE, FDA, EU, RoHS