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Thermoelectric Materials & Manufacturing

About Manufacturing Thermoelectric Materials

Production thermoelectric materials made at Marlow Industries are alloys of bismuth telluride. These alloys are made by two different processes, which impart different characteristics to the materials, making them suitable for different applications.

The Bridgman growth process is used to make materials for our industrial, medical, automotive and defense/space/photonics markets.

We use a proprietary process to make our MAM+ materials, which are used in our telecom and defense/space/photonics markets. The advantages of MAM+ are better performance, temperature tuning, and compatibility with very small element dimensions. Temperature tuned MAM+ greatly enhances the capability of our multi-stage modules relative to those of competitors, who use only materials with peak Z near room temperature.

The advantages of Bridgman materials are lower cost and compatibility with our TAN (Thermally Applied Nickel) diffusion barrier. Our TAN  barrier is used to make the most mechanically robust modules that are designed to survive mechanical shock or extensive thermal cycling.