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TE Heating & TE Cooling Modules

TE Modules

Marlow has extensive experience in building TE heating and cooling modules, sub-assemblies and heat exchanger assemblies for automotive, consumer, defense, industrial, medical, space and telecom markets. Depending on the market and customer requirements, these modules and assemblies may be built in our Dallas, Texas, USA, manufacturing facility or our Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, manufacturing facility.

Our modules are built with different solders depending on customer needs, which might include RoHS compliance, high operating temperature, low-cost thermal cycling applications and high mechanical stress environments. Our TE module products range from small MIcroTEC modules (2mm x 3mm) to large single-stage modules (40mm x 80mm) to large six-stage TECs.

Marlow provides heat exchanger assemblies used in medical, industrial, telecom and consumer-cooling applications. With this extensive manufacturing experience, Marlow adds tremendous value to our customers‘ development processes.