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4. Manufacturing Capability of Systems

Marlow Industries is an experienced, high-volume manufacturer of systems with a well-established, low-cost supply chain and optimized solutions. These solutions combine all the aspects of thermoelectric systems to provide a balanced design to meet performance at the desired tradeoffs. Efficiency, acoustical noise, power budget, desired life and cost are all balanced for specific applications to tune a system to the customer’s needs. This balance is achieved by the expertise in the following areas:

  • Thermoelectric modules
  •  Interface materials
  •  Heat sinks
  •  Cold plates
  •  Heat sink/TEC assemblies
  •  Power supplies
  •  Pumps
  •  Fans
  •  Controllers
  •  Integrated power supply controllers
  •  Condensate management and sealing
  •  Packaging
  •  Noise abatement
  •  Energy management
  •  Commercial development
    •  Concept
    •  Design
    •  Verification/validation
    •  Listings
    •  Low-cost manufacturing