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A. Telcordia Qualifications

Marlow Industries’ thermoelectric coolers for the telecommunication industry are fully compliant with Telcordia®1 GR-468-CORE Issue 2 (Sept 2004). (

Qualification tests performed at Marlow Industries are outlined in the table below. A Telcordia qualification report for Marlow Industries’ telecommunication coolers is available upon request.

Telcordia Qualification Tests Performed by Marlow Industries

Category Test Sampling Size Test Details
Mechanical Integrity Mechanical Shock 22 Condition A (500 g, 1.0 ms), 5 times/direction
Vibration 22 Condition A (20 g), 
20 to 2000 to 20 Hz, 
4 min/cy, 4 cy/axis
Non-Powered Environmental Stress High Temperature Storage 22 85°C, 2000 hours
Temperature Cycling 22 -40°C/+85°C, 100 cycles
Powered Environmental Stress Power Cycling (On/Off) 22 Hot-side T ≥max. op. T, 5000 cycles

During the mechanical integrity tests, a mass is attached to the top of the TEC to simulate the laser submount. Marlow also provides qualification testing to customer-specified requirements. Please review any specific needs with the Telecom team. Telcordia is a registered trademark of Telcordia Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries.