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B. Space Qualifications

MI's extensive experience in providing space qualified applications to numerous US, Canadian, and European customers makes us uniquely qualified in providing highly reliable, optimized solutions.

Our experienced engineering staff has designed one to six stage TE coolers for operating environments ranging from 85°C to -110°C that perform in high vibration and mechanical shock environments. We have provided TE coolers for: 

  •       Visible detector cooling
  •       CCD cooling
  •       IR detector cooling
  •       X-ray detector cooling
  •       Radiation shield cooling
  •       UV detector cooling
  •       Laser interferometers
  •       Thermal cyclers
  •       Blood sample freezing
  •       Food refrigeration and freezing

The products are used on the Hubble Space Telescope, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and various defense, meteorological, atmospheric and scientific satellites.