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Marlow Industries Power Generation Market Manager Speaking at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2012


Stefan Ikelman, Marlow Industries Power Generation Market Manager, will address the specific uses of Energy Harvesting with respect to current and future development applications at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA Expo, Tuesday November 8, 2012 in Washington, DC.

Ikelman will discuss energy harvesting as a current business strategy in the market spaces of oil & gas, industrial process monitoring, automotive waste heat recovery and more; extrapolating on customer interest in increasing energy efficiency in various operations and the steps Marlow has taken to meet these requests.

”Energy Harvesting technology is ready for integration into real-world applications now,” states Ikelman. “Marlow Industries’ keen emphasis on research and development has proved Marlow a forerunner in the energy harvesting field. Marlow’s systems integration expertise and existing high volume manufacturing capacity enabled by its manufacturing facility in Vietnam, positions Marlow as a viable partner in this growing technology space.”

In addition Ikelman will speak to the Marlow energy harvesting developments now available for commercial use including energy harvesting system components (HS, circuits, storage), low delta T applications, bulk thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and the recent Marlow EverGenTM PowerStrap; a series of thermoelectric generators bound to fluid pipes or exhaust stacks, designed to harness unused thermal energy to produce electrical power for sensors, transmitters and other micro-devices.

Stefan Ikelman joined Marlow in August 2010 to expand the Power Generation market space for thermoelectrics. Before joining Marlow, Stefan spent 13 years in Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing (DLP)® group, where he was responsible for managing several top customer accounts, in addition to helping set up their DLP Products® factories in locations around the globe.  He also developed and championed a customer satisfaction and quality improvement program adopted division-wide, after originally joining as a Quality & Reliability Assurance engineer.  Stefan is a graduate of New Mexico State University, holding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with both manufacturing and automotive concentration.

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