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II-VI Marlow offers turnkey solutions for customers looking to solve complex thermal challenges.

With options available from our “expert services menu” or full “concept-to-completion” programs, you can rely on II-VI Marlow for tailor-made solutions to fit your business needs.

All solutions are designed to fit your quality, performance and cost requirements. As a partner, II-VI Marlow provides:

  • Manufacturing options in the U.S. and Asia
  • Localized sales and support in multiple languages and currencies
  • Thermal experts with direct industry experience
  • Cost-effective solutions that exceed your quality standards
  • A 100% invested and specialized thermoelectric supplier
  • Agility and responsiveness to help you manage market fluctuations

Consistently selected for quality, reliability and professionalism in service, II-VI Marlow is dedicated to winning your business. Contact us today to discover how II-VI Marlow can match your quality and technology requirements at the price you need. 

Research & Development

II-VI Marlow customers receive the latest research & development in thermoelectric cooling from II-VI Marlow partnerships with the government & universities.

Custom Design & Engineering

II-VI Marlow's custom design & engineering teams can assist in the product development process from initial concept meetings to prototype build and simulation.

Modeling & Analysis

With our thermoelectric modeling & analysis we will be able to simulate performance before production to minimize risk using Solidworks and Ansys.

Optimized Manufacturing

Our optimized manufacturing process is part of our commitment to quality, ensuring optimized-to-spec thermoelectric component to match all clients requirements.

Compliance & Testing

Compliance & testing are a foundation for quality assurance and the Malcolm Baldrige award. We offer in house testing for power cycling, thermal cycling & more.

Metallized Ceramic Manufacturing

II-VI Marlow has introduced prototype-to-production metallized ceramic manufacturing services that deliver enhanced reliability & mechanical strength.