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Metallized Ceramic Manufacturing

II-VI Marlow introduces metallized ceramic manufacturing services

II-VI Marlow has introduced prototype-to-production metallized ceramic manufacturing services that deliver enhanced reliability and mechanical strength. Our processes provide highly flexible thermal management and electrical solutions with adhesion properties exceeding anything available in the industry today. Capabilities include:

  • Copper thick-film patterning on aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride and beryllium oxide
  • Electroless nickel, immersion gold and immersion tin plating
  • Electroless gold plating up to 5 microns, available on entire or partial circuit coverage
Electroless GoldCopper
Process capabilities available for custom solutions

We provide custom solutions for circuit designs from 0.1 amp to 10 amps where copper metallization may be needed. Our process capabilities are comprehensive: 

  • Copper thickness can be applied from 25 microns to 175 microns. Higher thicknesses are possible by patterning direct-bonded copper boards for aluminum oxide and aluminum nitride ceramics.
  • Circuit resolution down to 150-micron line spacing using traditional silk-screen printing or as low as 100-micron spacing using lithographical patterning and etching can be achieved at the low end of copper metallization thickness.
  • Minimum circuit widths as small as 200 microns are possible in circuit designs by both silk screen printing and lithographical etching.
  • Electrically isolating dielectric layer compatible with copper metallization is available to address complex shorts in circuits, providing partial isolation from environmental factors.
  • Nickel and gold plating on select sections of circuits provides surfaces that can be soldered and wire-bonded. Certification is available for lots processed to meet the stringent quality-assurance requirements of space- and defense-related applications.
  • Other capabilities, including diamond saw and laser cutting, are available to provide unique shapes and markings on metallized parts.
Electroless Nickel


For additional information or to discuss custom requirements of your copper-metallization circuits, contact an application engineer today at 214-340-4900 or visit us at 

Marlow Industries, Inc.

10451 Vista Park Road

Dallas Texas 75238-1645

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877-627-5691 (tech support)


Marlow Industries Europe GmbH

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II-VI Japan Inc.

WBG Marive East 17F

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Chiba-Shi, Chiba 261-7117


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II-VI Singapore Pte., Ltd.

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Marlow Industries China, II-VI

Technologies Beijing

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