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Multi-Stage Thermoelectric Coolers

Multi-Stage Thermoelectric Coolers

RoHS-compliant, multi-stage thermoelectric modules designed for medium to high heat pumping capacity requirements. Please click on the part number for detail specifications and compliance conformances. Typical applications include night vision sites, wide range temperature calibration for thermal reference sources, imaging systems for space-based instruments and other high-performance thermal imaging requirements for the defense and aerospace markets.

Product ΔT N2 (27°C) ΔT N2 (50°C) ΔT Vacuum (27°C) ΔT Vacuum (50°C) Qmax 27°C (watts) Imax 27°C (amps) Vmax 27°C (volts) Base Ceramic Width(mm) Base Ceramic Length(mm) Top Ceramic Width(mm) Top Ceramic Length(mm) Module Height(mm)
SP2394-04AB 0.0 0.0 130.0 146.0 4.5 5.1 8.5 21.72 28.27 6.43 10.8 8.69

  1. SP2394-04AB

    Aluminum Oxide or Aluminum Nitride ceramics available Perimeter sealing available Single or multi-stage options Exterior metallization available for solder mounting Multi-stage option for superior cooling Learn More


    Minimum order quantity is 1 pieces.