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ROHS EU Compliant
Single or multi-stage options
Multi-stage option for superior cooling
Aluminum Oxide ceramics
Exterior metallization available for solder mounting
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Applications include PCR processing and semiconductor test equipment.

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ΔT Vacuum (27°C) (Celsius) 87
ΔT Vacuum (50°C) (Celsius) 99
ΔT N2 (50°C) (Celsius) 80
ΔT N2 (27°C) (Celsius) 90
Qmax 27°C (watts) 44.6
Imax 27°C (amps) 7.2
Vmax 27°C (volts) 15.5
Base Ceramic Width (MM) 40
Base Ceramic Length (MM) 40
Top Ceramic Width (MM) 40
Top Ceramic Length (MM) 40
Module Height (MM) 7
Ideal for large temperature differentials (ΔT) and large heat pumping application.
Rated operating temperature of 130°C.
Superior nickel diffusion barriers on elements.
High strength for rugged environment.
Pre-tinned metallized ceramic surfaces(s) with 117°C solder option available.
Burn-in test data option available.
Lapped option available.