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ROHS compliant.

Lapped versions available for multiple module applications.

Sealed version available for protection against moisture.

Applications include test instrumentation, optical device, heat exchangers for all markets.

Applications include PCR processing and semiconductor test equipment.

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ΔT N2 (50°C) (Celsius) 73
ΔT N2 (27°C) (Celsius) 65
Qmax 27°C (watts) 9
Imax 27°C (amps) 3.7
Vmax 27°C (volts) 3.6
Base Ceramic Width (MM) 16.0
Base Ceramic Length (MM) 20.5
Top Ceramic Width (MM) 16.0
Top Ceramic Length (MM) 16.0
Module Height (MM) 3.33

Large size (>15mm) for medium to high heat load applications. Reliable in many applications with moderate on/off cycles, temperature cycles and for short term high temperature requirements. Unique diffusion barrier and solder type extends the operating conditions beyond standard commercial TEC modules.