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Meet Us at GPS 2019 in June

The Global Petroleum Show brings together professionals from the oil and gas industries to do business, open up dialogue, and identify new strategies and solutions to problems. Come see II-VI Marlow at booth 7754 in Stampede Park, Calgary.

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The Future of Power

How II-VI Marlow's EverGen is leading the way in renewable energy.

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Optimized Manufacturing

II-VI Marlow approaches the component manufacturing process with your business and technology requirements as a central priority.

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Leading Thermoelectric Design & Engineering

II-VI Marlow designs custom modules and sub-assemblies for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets.

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Have a Complex Thermal Challenge?

With options available from our “expert services menu” or full “concept-to-completion” programs,
you can rely on II-VI Marlow for tailor-made solutions to fit your business needs. All solutions are designed to fit your quality, performance and cost requirements.

As a partner, II-VI Marlow provides: Manufacturing options in the U.S. and Asia, Localized sales and support in multiple languages and currencies, Thermal experts with direct industry experience, Cost-effective solutions that exceed your quality standards, A 100% invested and specialized thermoelectric supplier, and Agility and responsiveness to help you manage market fluctuations.

Consistently selected for quality, reliability and professionalism in service, II-VI Marlow is dedicated to winning your business. Contact us today to discover how II-VI Marlow can match your quality and technology requirements at the price you need.

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Quality, Reliability & Performance

We manage by statistical process control following product development procedures, lean manufacturing techniques and the principles of six sigma. This allows us to offer a consistent quality level to any customer.

II-VI Marlow offers Thermoelectric Coolers and Cooling Modules, Power Generation Technology, and Thermoelectric Systems.

What we Offer:

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CM23-1.9-01AC Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Used in CATV and SLED Applications...

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NL1022T-01AC Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Single or multi-stage options...

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XLT2416-04AC Thermoelectric Coolers

Used in PCR processing and semiconductor test...

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PL030-6-30-01LS Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Lapped for superior height control...

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NL1015T-01AC Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Single or multi-stage options...

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