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Thermoelectric Cooling Technologies | II-VI Marlow

The Future of Power

How II-VI Marlow's EverGen is leading the way in renewable energy.

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Optimized Manufacturing

II-VI Marlow approaches the component manufacturing process with your business and technology requirements as a central priority.

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Leading Thermoelectric Design & Engineering

II-VI Marlow designs custom modules and sub-assemblies for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, automotive, power generation and telecommunications markets.

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Have a Complex Thermal Challenge?

With options available from our “expert services menu” or full “concept-to-completion” programs,
you can rely on II-VI Marlow for tailor-made solutions to fit your business needs. All solutions are designed to fit your quality, performance and cost requirements.

As a partner, II-VI Marlow provides: Manufacturing options in the U.S. and Asia, Localized sales and support in multiple languages and currencies, Thermal experts with direct industry experience, Cost-effective solutions that exceed your quality standards, A 100% invested and specialized thermoelectric supplier, and Agility and responsiveness to help you manage market fluctuations.

Consistently selected for quality, reliability and professionalism in service, II-VI Marlow is dedicated to winning your business. Contact us today to discover how II-VI Marlow can match your quality and technology requirements at the price you need.

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Quality, Reliability & Performance

We manage by statistical process control following product development procedures, lean manufacturing techniques and the principles of six sigma. This allows us to offer a consistent quality level to any customer.

II-VI Marlow offers Thermoelectric Coolers and Cooling Modules, Power Generation Technology, and Thermoelectric Systems.

What we Offer:

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CM23-1.9-01AC Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Used in CATV and SLED Applications...

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NL1022T-01AC Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Single or multi-stage options...

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XLT2416-04AC Thermoelectric Coolers

Used in PCR processing and semiconductor test...

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PL030-6-30-01LS Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Lapped for superior height control...

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NL1015T-01AC Thermoelectric Coolers

ROHS EU Compliant Single or multi-stage options...

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