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Maintenance cost, seamless production efficiency, energy efficiency and zero downtime are critical concerns for industrial managers and purchasing agents.

Thermoelectric modules enable a variety of energy and cost-efficient solutions for our customers.

Energy harvesting technology for wireless sensors allows for conditional health monitoring of systems, pumps, bearings, motors and more – providing real-time visibility to act preventatively and avoid downtime. This technology also enables buildings to utilize a user-demand energy system-reducing utility and maintenance cost.

Exhaust waste heat recovery can provide larger scale power to run entire systems or supplement the plant grid, increasing energy efficiency.

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Cabinet Cooling

Thermoelectric Systems are used in Cabinet Cooling systems, providing temperature stabilization for critical electronic components in harsh environments.

Advantages of using II-VI Marlow Thermoelectric Systems for Cabinet Cooling systems include:

  • Both heating and cooling provided by one system;
  • Universal power supply architecture deployed;
  • Highest performance in the market;
  • Lightweight allowing for ease of transport and installation;
  • UL and CE certified;
  • High Coefficient of Performance (COP) for specific sizes.

II-VI Marlow’s CLIMATHERM systems are designed specifically for Cabinet Cooling.

cabinet cooling cables

Commercial Catering Equipment Technology

The many advantages of Thermoelectric Systems (reliable, light weight, configurable, and high Coefficient of Performance for a given size) make them ideal for use in certain Food Catering applications. Given these advantages, Thermoelectric Systems are implemented in the Food Catering industry in a wide range of sizes and applications, from larger food transport carts to Point of Purchase displays.

The unique heating and cooling capability of Thermoelectric Systems makes them particularly suited for temperature control of foods. Specific applications include the following:

  • Service and transport carts
  • Serving trays
  • Temperature controlled preparation surfaces
  • Cold plates
  • Holding drawers

In addition to providing food temperature control, Thermoelectric Systems also provide cooling of liquids.  Examples include the temperature control of beverage syrups, juice concentrates, dairy products, even residential water chillers and dispensers! Thermoelectric Systems may also be used to provide conditioned and temperature controlled air sources, which in turn may be used for the temperature control of food and beverages.

Whether cooling/heating food or beverages, the relatively small and lightweight Thermoelectric System may be powered by a universal power supply, a battery and/or solar power.

II-VI Marlow’s Thermoelectric Systems can be configured to be comply with NSF and FDA requirements, as well as UL and CE certified.

Industrial Power and Waste Heat Recovery

Industrial power plants rely on real-time visibility to monitor system health and output. Industrial power plants also exhaust significant amounts of waste heat into the surrounding environment. Yet using this waste heat to generate electricity can provide some balance to the environmental impact and increase energy efficiency.

II-VI Marlow technology can capture this exhaust waste heat stream and convert it to electrical (DC) power. This power can be supplied back to the grid or power various other systems.

Industrial and Commercial Building Automation

Commercial building automation is a rapidly growing field of interest for energy conservation advocates and the green technology community.

Commercial buildings require electrical power for all internal systems: elevators, lighting, workstations, air conditioning/heating and more. Currently, systems are not conditioned for user demand – they operate either continuously (escalators systems) or by manual operation (switch: on or off).

Systems employing sensors, however, can be conditioned to operate on user demand. This technology, for example, enables a sensor to recognize an individual’s entry into a room and turn the lights on, or initiate an escalator as they approach. After use, systems return to a dormant state until the next instance of demand.

However, the ongoing replacement cost of batteries for wireless sensors and the complex challenges presented by hard-wiring solutions have limited the widespread adoption of this technology.

II-VI Marlow is developing thermal energy harvesting products to power wireless sensors, thereby eliminating the need for wiring or batteries. Energy harvesters convert small differences in ambient temperature into electrical (DC) power. This reliable energy source can perpetually power wireless sensors for the lifetime of the harvester, offering a low-cost and low-maintenance solution to justify the implementation of wireless sensors as a viable energy and cost-savings measure.

White Goods

II-VI Marlow’s experience in Thermoelectric Systems – design for UL and CE certification, electronics and controls design, user interface design, plastics design, and power supply design – provide our customers a competitive edge in the white goods market segment. Specific applications include:

  • Refrigerators
    • Individual food storage compartments with temperature and humidity control
  • Specialty Ice Makers
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Specialty appliances
    • Coffee makers
    • Drink dispensers

Photonic Technology

As a supplier to U.S. and international defense and space agencies for more than 35 years, II-VI Marlow offers a seasoned team of engineers and scientists who develop superior quality solutions, tested and qualified to defense/space requirements.

II-VI Marlow's distinctive space qualification procedure allows us to design, fabricate and test thermoelectric coolers (TECs) for space applications and diverse extreme conditions. The process includes TEC design and documentation, thermoelectric material processing, TEC assembly operations and TEC testing.

II-VI Marlow manufactures in both the U.S. and Asia. Due to International Trade and Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Department of Commerce restrictions on products supplied to the U.S. government, II-VI Marlow maintains controlled-access engineering and manufacturing facilities in Dallas, TX, to support our government contract business.

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  • Military Tent (Space) Heaters
  • Compact Thermopiles for RTG Applications
  • Military Battery Replacement Technology

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