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EverGen Plate Exchanger

  • Description

    High watt density, compact thermoelectric energy harvesting liquid-to-liquid exchangers for applications requiring higher power outputs.

    Plate exchangers are not a commercially available product as they have been prototyped only and would require the right business case for the high level of development involved.


  • Benefits

    Very compact, high energy density format for converting waste heat in liquid loops to electrical energy.

  • Used for

    Potential applications include large engine/process waste heat recovery, self-powered hydronic heating systems and self-powered pump applications.

  • Product FAQs

    At what temperature does it operate and at what temperature range?

    The Plate Exchanger max temperature of operation would be limited to the type of gasketing used as well as the thermal fluid.  Practically, the max limit would be around 165C while the lower limit is mostly defined by the thermal fluid freezing point.


    What are the dimensions of one standard unit? 

    Since this product does not exist, there are no set dimensions.  Unit size is also dependent on the needs of each application.  Prototypes we have built have been 5”wide x 8”tall x 12” deep.


    Can you get this in a brazed format?



    Are commercial versions offered using gaskets?

    This product is not commercially available, but prototypes built have used gaskets.


    What are the power requirements?

    Power requirements are customer dependent since these Plate Exchangers are custom built.


    BTU/ Hr? BTU Output?

    In power gen mode, this product does not produce heat but rather converts heat inputs into electrical power.


    How is pricing for this determined?

    Since this is not a commercially available product, significant NRE development must be undertaken to bring to market.  Investment dollars and sale prices are dependent on the business case of the application.

    What is the nominal efficiency, etc.?

    The heat to electrical conversion efficiency is a function of temperature differential. Maximum practical efficiency (assuming Tc=0C and Th=165C) is around 5%.


    Does it come with the Evergen Unit? 

    We should be clear to state that the EverGen is a family name given to different products. This family of products includes the EverGen Plate Exchanger, EverGen PowerStrap, EverGen Facet, and the EverGen Controller.


    Is this product corrosion resistant?

    The Plate Exchanger is constructed of stainless steel or aluminum plate construction, depending on a customer's needs. These materials are corrosion resistant.


    How much energy can be harvested per day?

    This depends on temperature differential and parasitic losses, such as pump losses.


    What is the average lifespan of this product?

    Lifespan depends on the fouling factor of working fluids and the temperature of operation.  Since this product is not commercialized, reliability parameters for the full system have not been established.  The expected thermoelectric modules reliability at the maximum stated operating temperatures would be 10 years, with failure defined as a 10% drop in initial power output.


    Are there routine maintenance requirements?

    The only routine maintenance required would be anti-fouling cleaning and flushing.


    Can the generator be dismantled for cleaning? 

    No, but you will not need to dismantle it in order to get sufficient cleaning.


    What materials is the generator made of and what types of plates or pipes does it utilize?

    Again, this product is not yet commercialized.  Materials and plates are ikely to be tailored for application requirements.

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