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Thermoelectric Coolers

Multi-Stage Thermoelectric Coolers

  • Description

    II-VI Marlow's multi-stage thermoelectric coolers (TECs) are designed for medium to high heat pumping capacity requirements. Single-stage coolers can only obtain a ΔTmax of around +70°C.  II-VI Marlow builds multi-stage thermoelectrics with as many as five additional levels or "stages". Each additional stage allows for higher heat pumping capability and allows the thermoelectric to achieve a higher ΔT. The multistage cooler line offers superior cooling capabilities over single stage coolers while maintaining their solid-state benefits.

  • Benefits

    • ROHS EU Compliant
    • Higher heat pumping capability than single stage
    • Solid state reliability
    • Localized, spot cooling & precision temperature control
    • Operation in any orientation, zero gravity, and/or high G levels
    • High resistance to shock and/or vibration
    • No acoustical or electrical noise

  • Used for
    • Automotive
    • Industrial
    • Telecommunications
    • Medical
    • Consumer
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Oil, Gas, & Mining


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