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The EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator is a revolutionary product utilizing thermoelectric technology to harvest thermal energy and convert it into an economical and perpetual form of electrical energy. The EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator provides an off‐grid electrical power source in place of, or complementary to solar power; for industrial, commercial, oil & gas applications.




Product Features

  • Non‐invasive thermal energy harvesting power source
  • Available for 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, & 14” NPS pipe sizes
  • Ideal complement to solar; providing uninterruptible  power year‐round
  • Specifically suited for cold environments
  • Single bolt compression installation
  • Configurable for vertical and horizontal pipes
  • Modular design for multiplicative power output
  • Class 1, Division 2, group A‐D certified
  • Patented – US 8,933,317
  • Standard 1 Year warranty
  • EU RoHS compliant
  • EU REACH compliant 

Technical Data Sheet for EHBMS

View the detailed EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator Technical Data Sheet for more detailed information. Be sure to also view the EverGen® PowerStrap Controller Technical Data Sheet for additional information.

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