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Oil Rig

Successful Uses & Applications

I-VI Marlow provides thermal energy harvesting products that power wireless sensors and other microdevices, thereby eliminating the need for battery-powered solutions.  EverGen® technology can improve energy efficiency by harvesting heat waste produced by the industrial, oil & gas industries.

The EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator provides an off-grid electrical power source in place of, or complementary to solar power; for industrial, commercial, oil & gas applications. Applying the EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator to a hot pipe, such as an outdoor exhaust stack, creates a power source that pays for itself in a single winter season.

The PowerStrap™ Generator is especially effective in northern climates and is a fully certified Class 1 Division 2 product, supporting the implementation of the CSA B149 gas safety code for Burner Management Systems. The EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator is non-invasive and easy to install. With our single bolt hinged construction design installation only takes five minutes. The EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator fits an array of standard pipe diameters. Also available is the EverGen® PowerStrap™ Generator charge controller. This controller is optimized for use with the PowerStrap™ Generator for maximizing battery power storage.

You can also download a free copy of II-VI Marlow Whitepaper: Energy Harvesting for Wireless Sensors.

Be sure to view the video below to see successful applications of the product in the field.


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