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According to basic theory, TEC coefficient of performance (COP) is a strong function of ∆T across the elements. In a real-world situation, with thermal resistances due to interfaces and heat exchangers, ∆T across the elements is a function of COP.

Therefore, there is a compounding effect and a severe penalty for failure to optimize at the system level. II-VI Marlow's optimization process specifically addresses minimizing TEC power consumption by system-level analysis.

II-VI Marlow designs optimized TECs to match any application. This is a complex process that accounts for many factors, including:

  • Heat sink resistance as a function of airflow 
  • Interface resistances
  • Ambient temperature (average and variations)
  • The constraints on the thermoelectric design (cost, size, weight, etc.)

As the leading supplier of customized TECs, II-VI Marlow has a concept-to-completion approach and all the capabilities required to handle any application.