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II-VI Marlow remains on top of current qualification certifications related to the use of thermoelectrics. Product testing meets or exceeds industry standards and/or individual customers.

  • Telcordia
  • Space Qualifications
  • Thermal Cycling
  • ISO 9001:2000


A. Telcordia Qualifications

II-VI Marlows’ thermoelectric coolers for the telecommunication industry are fully compliant with Telcordia®1 GR-468-CORE Issue 2 (Sept 2004).

Qualification tests performed at II-VI Marlow are outlined in the table below. A Telcordia qualification report for II-VI Marlows’ telecommunication coolers is available upon request.

Telcordia Qualification Tests Performed by II-VI Marlow 

Category Test Sampling Size Test Details
Mechanical Integrity Mechanical Shock 22 Condition A (500 g, 1.0 ms), 5 times/direction
Vibration 22 Condition A (20 g), 
20 to 2000 to 20 Hz, 
4 min/cy, 4 cy/axis
Non-Powered Environmental Stress High Temperature Storage 22 85°C, 2000 hours
Temperature Cycling 22 -40°C/+85°C, 100 cycles
Powered Environmental Stress Power Cycling (On/Off) 22 Hot-side T ≥max. op. T, 5000 cycles

During the mechanical integrity tests, a mass is attached to the top of the TEC to simulate the laser submount. II-VI Marlow also provides qualification testing to customer-specified requirements. Please review any specific needs with the Telecom team.

Telcordia is a registered trademark of Telcordia Technologies, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


B. Space Qualifications

II-VI Marlow's extensive experience in providing space qualified applications to numerous US, Canadian, and European customers makes us uniquely qualified in providing highly reliable, optimized solutions.

Our experienced engineering staff has designed one to six stage TE coolers for operating environments ranging from 85°C to -110°C that perform in high vibration and mechanical shock environments. We have provided TE coolers for: 

  •       Visible detector cooling
  •       CCD cooling
  •       IR detector cooling
  •       X-ray detector cooling
  •       Radiation shield cooling
  •       UV detector cooling
  •       Laser interferometers
  •       Thermal cyclers
  •       Blood sample freezing
  •       Food refrigeration and freezing

The products are used on the Hubble Space Telescope, the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and various defense, meteorological, atmospheric and scientific satellites.


C. Thermal Cycling

II-VI Marlow developed and sells the most robust thermal cycling modules available. These modules, the XLT series, can be put through more than a million rapid cycles with less than a 10% change in ACR.

The demand for XLT modules is dominated by an application in which the modules are used to drive a thermal cycle that results in replication of DNA (e.g., for drug discovery and crime analysis), the polymerase chain reaction technique. The PCR cycle is between 55° and 95°C, while we drive our modules between 15° and 95°C at a demanding 5°C/sec.

The performance of our XLT modules in this qualification test far exceeds the actual requirements of our customers.


D. ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certificate

II-VI Marlow has been recognized by the independent auditing firm Bureau Veritas as having met the qualifications required to obtain ISO 9001:2008 certification. Bureau Veritas - ISO 9001:2008 REGISTRAR

ISO 9001 is a model for quality management in design, development, production, installation and
servicing. This is a quality management standard covering all main processes within a company, ranging from sales (contract review), design and manufacturing to delivery and shipping, ensuring that these processes are run under controlled conditions.

Bureau Veritas, a large multinational organization, was founded in 1828 and is known throughout
 the world for its multi-disciplinary services where independence, confidence and truth are required.

Accredited by 22 accreditation bodies, Bureau Veritas is also the most widely recognized certification body in the world today. In recent years, Bureau Veritas has assisted over 27,000
 companies worldwide to achieve ISO 9001 certification and other equivalent standards.

To maintain their reputation and excellent standards and provide their clients with credible certificates that are valid all over the world, their policy is to seek accreditation in all countries
 where it is technically and commercially viable. Today, Bureau Veritas has offices in 45 countries and more than 1,000 highly trained and experienced auditors committed to provide an on-the-spot, independent certification service to small, simple structured companies, as well as multi-national networks.

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